Being tech savvy can have a lot of advantages that you can use for employment and for a lot personal use. Overtime, the meaning of being tech savvy has changed drastically. Before the advent of the more technology advanced gadgets that we have now, the term “tech savvy” didn’t exist. It was only now, on the more recent time, that a term is created to describe someone who is inclined and is very proficient in the technology. During the 1990s, it was used to describe someone who knows how to text using his or her Nokia 3310 phone and knows how to cheat and hack on the games on it like Space Impact, Bantumi and Bounce. Later on, it was used to describe someone who has the money to buy and splurge at the gadget store and get all the latest gadget that technology has to offer. But today, it has completely turned into something else. It is now used to describe someone that uses the technology to his or her advantage and using it to be more efficient and productive in his or her day to day life.

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Being tech savvy comes with a lot of perks. Root In Fotek enumerates some of these perks below:

You’ll more likely get hired on a job than someone who is not

Nowadays, employers will hire an individual with proficiency of anything that involves technology. This is apparently because all of the work is now done online. Sending urgent letter thru email? Doing marketing? Need to design a poster? Everything is now done online. Employers will want to save time and money by only hiring the most-skilled applicants that will give the benefits that they require in their company.

You know how to navigate your way in the web with ease

Have you ever wondered why people always get stuck on something while surfing the internet when all you had to do was just exit the thing? The online web for you is just blank canvas, open and free to create what you want. You never have trouble scrolling thought the complex world of the internet. Some people would think that google is the only way to find the answer to a question but you have an array of options and it’s guaranteed for you to get that answer fast and correct.

You know how to approach any gadget thrown at you

Any new gadget for you will be interesting. You like to check the specifications and see what it can do for you. You won’t get troubled and annoyed by updates instead, it excites you to check what is new for you to check out. Installing applications can be very interesting to you. That new smell and feel of a new gadget is very appealing to you that’s why if there is a new gadget available on the market, you absolutely have to get it.

You get to help your clueless friends or family members

This isn’t much of a perk for some others, but it can actually be very fulfilling. Does your mother need opening the browser? Is your aunt needing help in downloading her applications? You can make technology into a fun family time if you’re tech savvy!