For some of us, technology has become an integral part in their daily life. The cellphone, for instance, has become a great tool that we can use absolutely for everything. Do you need a daily reminder for your medicines? Your cellphone can give you a ring to remind you at a specific time and date. Do you need an alarm to wake up in the morning? Your cellphone has the alarm clock and all you need to do is set the time for your alarm. Do you need to communicate with someone? You can text anyone from your phone if you have credits and internet connection. We can’t deny that technology has indeed helped us immensely in our day-today struggle.

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These applications below is given by Root Info Tek. They will help you to be more efficient and productive in your daily life:


All of us struggles to keep our bodies fit and healthy and still finishing that work before the coming deadlines. This application, which can be downloaded to any gadget you have, will help you count the calories that you intake, take note of the exercise you have done so far and keeps you up-to-date with which diet you need to have. The best feature of this app is that it allows you to pick your own food and drinks that you can input and it will compute for you how much exercise you will need to burn the much needed calories to be removed


If you’re a very sentimental fella, this application will help you review the posts that you shared online in your social media no matter how many years it was ago. Timehop collaborates with all your social media platforms and updates you what you posted years ago but in the same day. This application have been existing for quite some time now and you should download it you haven’t already yet!


Keeping our finances in check can be a hassle sometimes but it is a much needed task to do. Mint can help you in this area by helping you keep your finances in detailed accounts. All the money you spend and earned will be recorded. All the money that comes and goes will be taken note of. If you are always on the go, this app will help you in your finances and much needed budgeting. This is perfect for everyone: the adults, the teenager, and even to little kids since its interface is very simple.


If you take long road trip everyday and gets stuck on traffic every time then Waze is the perfect app for you. It gives you updates on the traffic and gives you alternative routes to check out to shorten your whole commute and trip. Not only does it checks traffic, it also checks out the nearby road constructions, very recent accidents and accident prone areas, roads with red lights and even the police patrols that are nearby. If you have been having trouble with all these lately, then it’s the perfect time for you to download it right now.

Root Info Tek suggests that you check all the specifications and features of these application first before downloading them.